It’s easier to stay secure if you start secure

Did you know that over 99% of cloud breaches can be traced to preventable misconfigurations or mistakes by customers? Stop the self-inflicted damage. Get your resources set up right the first time.

Your team wants to work on the cloud, not decipher it

Resourcely lets you provision resource templates that are secure and compliant by design. So your dev team can spend less time figuring out the cloud, and more time creating.

Resourcely team

Travis McPeak

Co-Founder & CEO

"The most powerful security programs I have seen offer a better user experience to developers and have excellent security baked in. We have a massive opportunity to prevent security issues from ever becoming issues and simultaneously save developers a lot of time. I’m excited to create a win-win where central teams and their customers all get what they want."

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Aladdin Almubayed

Co-Founder & CTO

"I'm excited to work closely with security, engineering and platform teams to build Resourcely. I believe creating a dev-centric self-service platform to create and manage secure, compliant cloud resources is critical for companies success. Both sides benefit: developers can get projects done quicker, and security teams know that they have created a secure infrastructure."

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Carl He

Software Engineer

Managing to satisfy security requirements without slowing down the developer's productivity is not a trivial task. In the past companies I worked in, I have seen conflicts between the security team and product teams.  Resourcely brings a great initiative to resolve this problem, I strongly believe that we can make a huge impact on this area. Therefore, I am super excited to work with the founding team to build this awesome product.

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Clint Edwards

Software Engineer

Within the last decade, the landscape of how we deploy and maintain our infrastructure has changed drastically. In the struggle to keep up with the powerhouse of productivity that is cloud computing, teams must turn to sophisticated tooling to tame the beast. I'm excited about Resourcely because it is that tooling; creating a self-service, safe, and reliable platform that gives teams convenience and assurance in a simple package.

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Software Engineer

I'm really passionate about building a product that helps developers iterate faster, get their projects off the ground more quickly and securely, and makes their work more efficient, and enjoyable. It is especially satisfying to work on a product that helps developers and devops focus on what they do best - building and shipping high-quality code.

David Bild

Software Engineer

"DevOps has failed. The promise to streamline deployment has turned into developers begrudgingly masquerading as cloud & security experts, usually poorly. Platform & SecOps teams are left with a choice: fire-fight the resulting mess or give up on DevOps, returning to slow centralized provisioning. I'm incredibly excited to fix this with Resourcely. Ops teams retain control of resource structure and configuration, while developers are still empowered to deploy what they need, when they need it."

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Gautam Ramaswamy

Software Engineer

"I'm excited to work with the founding team to build a product that will save developers time and give security teams confidence that resources meet their guidelines before being deployed. By making resources self-serve, everyone saves time and can focus on other tasks."

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Lily Johnson

Product Operations

"I’m so excited to have the opportunity to join the Resourcely founding team. Having observed the challenges that DevOps teams have in managing their cloud infrastructure convinced me that the vision at Resourcely is spot on in how they support not only DevOps but developers to proactively prevent security issues. And as the first non-engineer team member, working with such a talented group is a privilege. I’m looking forward to being a part of this journey.”

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Patrick Siewe

Software Engineer

"I chose Resourcely for two reasons: the founding team, and the product vision. It was obvious to me early on that our founders come with a refreshing mix of deep technical experience, a desire to build a strong co-operative team, and the talent to attract great engineers. I've seen how expensive (in time and resources) it can be for an enterprise to keep its infra secure when engineers just want to build their features without having to manage the underlying deployment minutiae.  Let's fix that."

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Preston Price

Software Engineer

"At Resourcely we are solving a problem I personally had as a developer in a large organization. Coding was the easiest part of building an application, the hard part was communicating back and forth between the security and platform teams to ensure our infrastructure was compliant with the company's policy. I'm excited to be building something that will save developers from having to go through the same pain that I did, and will give them more time to do what they love, building!"

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