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Your paved road to secure, efficient, and easy to manage cloud infrastructure ☁️

Resourcely enables developers to provision cloud resources that are secure and compliant by design, enhancing developer productivity and reducing the risk of a security breach

Take back control of the cloud today 👇

Paved roads to production

Avoid misconfiguration and deliver faster by giving your developers a paved road to deploying cloud infrastructure.

Resourcely keeps developers shipping fast in a secure fashion, reducing guess work and avoiding incidents that stem from misconfiguration.

Spencer Kimball

CEO / Cockroach Labs

Resourcely's secure by default, self serve model brings years of best practices of platform engineering into a single solution.

Adam Gross

Former CEO / Heroku

Resourcely plays a major part in helping organizations improve their security posture by removing the risk of infrastructure configuration mistakes.

David Rook

Director of Security

Resourcely puts developers, DevOps/Platform, and Cybersecurity in harmony.


VP of Engineering - DevOps

Did you know 99% of cloud breaches are caused by misconfiguration?

Resourcely takes a proactive approach to prevent breaches caused by misconfiguration

Start secure, stay secure, see the Resourcely difference 👇

Prevent infrastructure misconfigurations while enhancing developer efficiency

Build out infrastructure with ease using secure and conformant resource templates
Ensure resource correctness with Resourcely’s intuitive policy language
Automate resource management to simplify tedious and error-prone tasks

Adhere to compliance by enabling infrastructure guardrails and resource auditing

Enforce built-in configurable guardrails to follow security best-practices by default
Require approval before provisioning resources
Track resource owners and usage
Generate informative audit reports

Stay up to date with resource intent and ownership

Track resource generation pull requests and owners from a single interface
Lower infrastructure costs by confirming resources are properly created

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