Death of DevSecOps at Neflix
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Stop wasting time on config and preventable incidents

Your developer teams should be focusing on shipping their code, not on infrastructure

Give teams guardrails and templates to securely configure and deploy with confidence 👇

Standardize and enforce secure infra configuration

  • Limit fire drills and rework caused by misconfiguration

  • Deploy faster with a paved road to production

  • Build out a customized backstop against disaster

  • Consistent and quality Terraform across your organization, generated for you

  • Meet your developers where they are

Resourcely blueprints and guardrails keep your development teams shipping fast, while limiting triage and incident response

Eliminate fire drills and rework caused by misconfiguration

Developers deploy correctly the first time with secure-by-default templates created by security and infra teams
Guardrails keep your cloud resources secure and compliant
No surprise deletions or accidental access to the open internet

Resourcely helps keep developers shipping fast in a secure fashion, reducing guess work and avoiding incidents that stem from misconfiguration.

Spencer Kimball

CEO, Angel Investor / Cockroach Labs

Deploy faster with a paved road to production

Automatically generate secure Terraform code for any resource, without being an IaC expert
Out-of-the-box blueprints for configuring common service combinations
Customize templates to your standards with Resourcely’s powerful templating language

Simplifying dev workflows and making things secure by default is a force multiplier for the entire business, regardless of the maturity of your dev teams.

Mark Hillick

Angel Investor, CISO

Build out customized guardrails to protect against disaster

Define policies and guardrails that prevent noncompliant and insecure infrastructure
Fully integrated into your existing change management
Route exceptions for approval based on the context
Never worry about accidental exposures again

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Meet your developers where they are

Make it easy for engineers to deploy securely
Abstract away complex IaC concepts, exposing only the options necessary
Give helpful context and bespoke configuration experiences based on the scenario
Democratize access to deploying infrastructure

Developers don't care about cloud security. With Resourcely, they don't have to.

Seth Vargo

Senior Software Engineer

Stop misconfiguration and prevent costly incidents

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