Our Story

Guardrails and Paved Roads 🚧 + 🛣️

Resourcely arose from the need to make cloud resources more secure *and* make developers' lives easier.

In a Dev(Sec)Ops world, developers have too many responsibilities which include:

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writing code
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testing code
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deploying their services
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responding to outages
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provisioning cloud services
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keeping their services secure

With so much on their plate, developers need tools that give them best practices in these areas without thinking about them.

Resourcely helps developers provision, manage, and secure cloud services

Resourcely offers a simple and powerful policy-as-code interface that teams like platform, DevOps, and security use to simplify one of the most complex parts of their jobs.

Meet the founders

Travis and Aladdin are security experts who knew there was a better way. Leveraging their experiences at Netflix, Robinhood, and Databricks, they are building Resourcely to help eliminate misconfiguration.

Developers don't care about cloud security.

With Resourcely, they don't have to.

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