Resourcely logo, a letter R made out of geometric shapes in pastel colors

Resourcely SaaS

All the core elements to deliver correctly configured infrastructure:

Configuration engine
Novel templating engine to write better terraform quicker rather than doing it by hand.
Configurable templates used to provision cloud infrastructure resources.
Rules that determine how cloud resources can be created and altered.
Global contexts
Gather data from developers before provisioning with questionnaires.
Global values
Allow admins to define custom drop-downs for customizing terraform infrastructure resource properties before they are provisioned.
Create custom blueprints and guardrails, instead of using the ones provided in the Resourcely catalog.
Import modules
Start from an existing module and manually set up the shape of your new blueprint.
Pull requests
Manage requests to commit a change from one Git branch to another.
Resourcely CLI
Automatically evaluate your Terraform plans and policies on every pull request.
Tools integration
Native integrations to security and developer tooling platforms.

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Frequently asked questions

How is Resourcely licensed?

Resourcely has a base platform fee plus a variable fee based on the number of users. Get in touch with us for detailed pricing.

Is support available for Resourcely?

Support is included in your plan by default.

Do you offer a free trial?

Yes. You can request a free trial by signing up here. No payment is required to request or activate a free trial license.

Do you offer Proof of Value?

Yes. We will help scope success criteria and provide a designated resource to assist with your proof of value. You can experience value in as fast as a few hours and complete a POV from 1 day to 2 weeks.

Do you have any special offer for startups?

Yes. Please contact us to learn more.

Are you available on AWS Marketplace?

Yes. Please contact us for a private offer or you can purchase via AWS Marketplace public offer. Our AWS Marketplace offering is here.

Do you work with partners?

Yes. Please contact us to let us know which partner you would like to purchase Resourcely through.

Do you have more specific commercial questions?

Please contact us to discuss.