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Resourcely Subscription

Get started with Blueprints or Guardrails

For teams looking to upgrade their Terraform experience.
Starting at $2,499/mo
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Curated Cloud Console Experience
Starter Blueprint Templates for Cloud Providers
Author custom Blueprints
Developer Experience Preview
Flexible Code Generation
Pull Request Workflows from Blueprints
Import Terraform Modules
Environment Specific Configurations
For teams looking to upgrade their Policy as Code experience.
Starting at $2,499/mo
Get started
Run Guardrails against Terraform Plans
Starter Guardrail Templates for Cloud Providers
Author custom Guardrails
Developer Experience Preview
Policy as Code powered by Really
Risk Detection
Deletion Protection
CI Monitoring
Resourcely Platform
For organizations who want to tightly integrate Blueprints & Guardrails.
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Everything in Blueprints & Guardrails plus...
Attach Guardrails to Blueprints
Support for additional Terraform Providers
Expanded library of best practice Blueprints & Guardrails
Unlimited Blueprints & Guardrails
Support for self-hosted VCS (GitHub & GitLab)
Standard Support
SLA Guarantee

Campaigns (coming soon)

Automatically remediate infrastructure that doesn't meet your standards

Become a Design Partner

Eliminate incidents and outages

Stop misconfiguration from ever making it to production, preventing costly incidents, data breaches, and outages

Help developers ship faster

Give engineers the ability to quickly and easily deploy secure infrastructure

From reactive to proactive

Take control of your cloud infrastructure, and focus on projects that matter

Resourcely Platform
Now available on AWS Marketplace!
Customizable Blueprints
Customizable Guardrails
Create customizable forms
Policy-as-code language powered by Really
Developer Experience Preview
Configuration engine
Pull request workflow
Import TF modules
Context prompting questionnaires
VCS integration
CI/CD integration
SSO support
Resourcely Terraform Provider
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You've got questions, we have answers.

How is Resourcely licensed?

Resourcely has a base platform fee plus a variable fee based on the number of users. Get in touch with us for detailed pricing.

Is support available for Resourcely?

Support is included in your plan by default.

Do you have a free trial?

Yes. You can request a free trial by signing up here. No payment is required to request or activate a free trial license.

Do you offer a Proof of Value?

Yes. We will help scope success criteria and provide a designated resource to assist with your proof of value. You can experience value in as fast as a few hours and complete a POV from 1 day to 2 weeks.

Do you have any special offers for startups?

Yes. We can provide startup friendly pricing for startups with less than 500 employees and less than 100 developers. Please contact us or schedule a demo to learn more.

Are you available on AWS Marketplace?

Yes. Please contact us for a private offer or you can purchase via AWS Marketplace public offer. Our AWS Marketplace offering is here.

Do you work with partners?

Yes. Please contact us to let us know which partner you would like to purchase Resourcely through.

Do you offer emerging market discounts?

Yes. Please contact us or schedule a demo to discuss with our team.

Can I ask more specific commercial questions?

Please contact us to discuss.

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