Resourcely Proof of Value

Unlock the full potential of Infrastructure as Code with Blueprints & Guardrails.

Drive cost savings & reduce incidents with secure-by-default configuration for all of your cloud infrastructure 👇

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Proof of Value Process

We make evaluating Resourcely simple, short, and painless.

We’ll help you integrate Resourcely into your CICD process and create custom blueprints and guardrails.

Here’s what the process looks like:


1 - 2 Hours

  • First Meeting
  • Demo(s)
  • Technical Deep Dive
  • Align Stakeholders

<1 Hour

  • Complete Sign Up Form
  • Determine Use Cases
  • Align on Success Criteria
  • Demo Existing IaC Process

1 - 2 Days

  • Virtual or Onsite Visit
  • Build 1-2 Blueprints
  • Build 1-2 Guardrails
  • Tech Sync
  • Capture Enhancements

<1 Hour

  • Resourcely Review
  • Test Connectivity
  • Set Kickoff Date


Reduce incidents and exposures caused by misconfiguration
Generate secure Terraform automatically
Embed into your existing change management and CICD process
Guardrails keep your infrastructure safe
Prevent misconfigured IAM roles
Secure infrastructure without manual work or triaging failure
Secure-by-default configuration
From reactive to proactive security posture
Policy-as-code built for humans
Scale security best practices

Schedule a Proof of Value

Schedule time with our experts to determine if Resourcely is a fit for your organization.

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