April 2, 2024

Chris Reuter

Adding support for Snowflake, Datadog, Spacelift, and ConductorOne

We continue to add support for a variety of tools, to help limit misconfiguration and democratize access to cloud infrastructure

Today we announced support for Snowflake, Datadog, Spacelift, and ConductorOne in Resourcely.

What’s new?

Today, Resourcely announced support for several new cloud infrastructure tools: Snowflake, Datadog, Spacelift, and ConductorOne. With the addition of these new tools, developers can utilize blueprints and guardrails for a variety of new use cases: from data engineering to access control. This means that they can configure new assets, such as a data pipeline, based on standards that security and platform teams set. Developers don’t need to be experts on configuration options, and incidents caused by misconfiguration are avoided.

Why Resourcely?

Resourcely is a configuration platform that manages configuration of infrastructure. With it, developers can configure & deploy without having to be experts or having to decipher countless options. Security and platform teams set guardrails and blueprints that empower developers to move fast, all while maintaining compliance and mitigating risk.


While Snowflake is set it and forget it, there are configuration decisions that do matter: most notably warehouse size. Setting standards and guidelines can help you:


Observability can easily be overlooked or rushed, but it is an important part of the application deployment process. With a paved road for configuring Datadog:


You may be using an Infrastructure as Code platform like Spacelift to manage deployment workflows. However, configuration within Spacelift or across Spacelift + other platforms can be tricky to manage.


Identity & access management can be critical to the security of a business. Make sure that developers setting access control and security policies follow the standards you have in place with Resourcely blueprints, while ensuring that policies aren’t erroneously removed with guardrails.


No matter what tools in your stack, misconfiguration is inevitable. Resourcely can help your developers move faster without having to be experts, and configure the infrastructure they are deploying in a way that is secure & compliant.

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