May 6, 2024

The Resourcely Newsletter: Securely Sourced

Introducing the branded Resourcely Newsletter, Securely Sourced

We're celebrating the second issue of the Resourcely newsletter. We have big news: today the Resourcely newsletter is now officially renamed to ✨ Securely Sourced ✨. Shoutout to the person who suggested the name, they've received a Resourcely swag bundle!

🔒Security news roundup

Sisense had a significant data breach (link)

Attackers gained access to credentials, tokens, and configs stored by Sisense, which could mean hackers could breach data sources connected to Sisense.

Multiple zero-day exploits in firewalls (Palo Alto Networks, Cisco)

In each case, the exploits were used to take control of the firewalls and ultimately access sensitive internal network data.

🖥️ Good security reads & links

An empty S3 bucket ended up costing $1,300 (link)

Cybersecurity is broken (link)

Secure-by-default libraries (link)

®️ What's new with Resourcely

Resourcely is now available on AWS Marketplace! (link)

We'll see you at RSA! (list of events)

Heading to RSA 2024? Join one of our unique events, and go sailing or get a morning workout in!

May 14th: A livestream on Terraform vs OpenTofu (sign up)

Join Masterpoint and Resourcely for a deep dive into Terraform vs OpenTofu. In this Q&A style session, you’ll learn why an organization would choose Terraform or OpenTofu, and the benefits & drawbacks of each!