How it works

Resourcely is for developers, security and compliance teams, and anyone wishing to secure and maintain cloud infrastructure while enhancing productivity

Keep your infrastructure secure and compliant
Leverage secure-by-default resource templates to prevent misconfiguration from the start
Track and manage infrastructure resources
Track the creators and statuses of resource pull-requests from one interface, reducing context switching and supporting audit requirements
Enhance developer productivity
Make infrastructure management easy, allowing developers to focus more on development and less on cloud complexity

Resourcely generates secure-by-default Terraform resources for the following Cloud providers

Amazon AWS Logo
Amazon Web Services
Google Cloud Logo
Google Cloud Platform
Microsoft Azure Logo
Microsoft Azure

Start leveraging Resourcely

Start by connecting Resourcely to an SCM solution and configuring reviewers for PRs generated by Resourcely

Setup your organization and add members

Create different groups for your organization such as security, operations, developers, etc.
Add users to each group, and setup required reviewers for infrastructure changes

Connect Resourcely to your source code repository

Connect Resourcely to a source-code management (SCM) provider to enable automatic runs on git commits and pull-requests
Obtain and track the status of each PR from a single interface

Activate guardrails

Create and manage guardrails that govern how cloud resources are created and changed
Utilize the built-in catalog of guardrails covering best practices, access control, cost savings, and more

Create a blueprint from a template

Use blueprints to create cloud infrastructure from secure-by-default templates
Enforce security best-practices by adding guardrails to your blueprints

Configure a resource

Add custom required fields to require more information from your developers on the resource
Provide metadata to make it easier for your developers to discover and identify the best fitting blueprints for their use cases

Create your pull-request straight from Resourcely

Reduce context-switching and structure your pull-request straight from Resourcely

Success 🎉

Your resource PR has now been created! The guardrails will be tested and verified so you can rest assured

☁️ Resourcely helps developers provision, manage, and secure cloud services

Resourcely offers a simple and powerful policy-as-code interface that teams like platform, DevOps, and security use to simplify one of the most complex parts of their jobs.