Make secure configuration painless

Secure-by-default cloud infrastructure, embedded into your development workflows

Start customizing your guardrails and templates for secure configuration at scale👇

Secure infra configuration at scale

  • Ship securely: customizable config templates and powerful security policy

  • Policy-as-code built for humans

  • From reactive to proactive security posture

  • Scale security best practices

Resourcely blueprints and guardrails give security teams tools to enforce security policy without impeding development teams

Secure-by-default configuration

Customize templates that keep your developers shipping fast while remaining secure
Embed into your existing change management and CI/CD
Create global rules and context that stop breaches and incidents in their tracks

Policy-as-code built for humans

Stop spending hours writing Rego or Sentinel



1checkRequireSSLEnabled[] {
2  db_instance := input.google_sql_database_instance[_]
3  setting := db_instance.config.settings[_]
4  not setting.ip_configuration
5} {
6  db_instance := input.google_sql_database_instance[_]
7  setting := db_instance.config.settings[_]  
8  ip_configuration = setting.ip_configuration[_]
9  not ip_configuration.require_ssl
10} {
11  db_instance := input.google_sql_database_instance[_]
12  setting := db_instance.config.settings[_]  
13  ip_configuration = setting.ip_configuration[_]
14  ip_configuration.require_ssl == false
17checkNoPublicAccess[] {
18  db_instance := input.google_sql_database_instance[_]
19  setting := db_instance.config.settings[_]
20  count(setting.ip_configuration) > 0
21  ip_configuration = setting.ip_configuration[_]
22  count(ip_configuration.authorized_networks) > 0
23  authorized_network = ip_configuration.authorized_networks[_]
24  authorized_network.value == ""
1GUARDRAIL "GCP database network config"
2  WHEN google_sql_database_instance
3    REQUIRE settings.ip_configuration HAS
4      require_ssl = true
5      NO authorized_networks.value = ""

Resourcely helps keep developers shipping fast in a secure fashion, reducing guess work and avoiding incidents that stem from misconfiguration.

Spencer Kimball

CEO, Angel Investor / Cockroach Labs

From reactive to proactive security posture

No more security ops: build a platform for secure-by-default configuration
Terraform generated automatically for your development teams
Create approval workflows for exception requests

Scale security best practices

Secure infrastructure configuration, as part of your standard development workflows
Embed security where your engineers already live
Something for everyone: GUI-based configuration, powerful templates, and policy-as-code

Stop misconfiguration and prevent costly incidents

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